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Walkways help you, your family, and your guests get from place to place on your property. At NRD Landscape Design Build, we work with you to plan and install walkways that beautify your home, raise property value, and boost curb appeal.

These outdoor landscape installations come in many different types, and we can help you to choose the right materials for your home and your tastes.

Types of Paver Walkways

When it comes to the landscape design of walkways, building materials called pavers enjoy great popularity. Pavers are hard slabs, blocks, and tiles of different materials that our landscape designers in Minnetonka, MN, use to create walkways. We offer walkways in porcelain, natural stone, flagstone, and permeable slabs, each with its own benefits. Keep in mind that all pavers generally last longer than wood walkways.

Porcelain Walkways

Porcelain pavers formed from kiln-fired clay and other materials offer outstanding strength, durability, and good looks. While porcelain pavers are usually less expensive than natural stone pavers, they can mimic the look and feel of other types of walkway materials. Some of the valuable benefits of porcelain pavers include:

  • Relatively low cost
  • Resistant to spills and stains
  • Designed to look like other paver styles
  • No need to apply sealers
  • Work well in different environments
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Natural Stone Walkways

Tiles, blocks, and other materials from quarries are known as natural stone pavers. Compared to concrete, brick, or other manufactured materials, natural stone pavers offer outstanding longevity, good looks, and curb appeal.

Because they are directly sourced from quarries, their production costs and final prices tend to be higher than artificially created walkway paving materials.

Flagstone Walkways

Flagstone pavers are very popular due to their unique look. They are naturally occurring sedimentary rocks that are mined in quarries and cut into various shapes. The flat, wide, smooth, and colorful appearance makes flagstone an ideal choice for bringing your walkway ideas to life.

Each type of flagstone paver offers its own unique benefits for home or business construction projects, and some popular styles include:

  • Bluestone: Made from sandstone and greyish blue in color, bluestone has a rough surface that makes it good for non-slip walkway applications.
  • Limestone: Made from calcite, these flagstones stand up well to hot and humid weather.
  • Quartzite: Made from metamorphic stone, quartzite offers a smooth finish that resists damage.
  • Travertine: A type of dense limestone, this material brings a rustic look and tough exterior to walkways.
Permeable Walkways

Permeable paver walkways are designed to facilitate water drainage. These natural, synthetic, or stepping stone pavers often have porous surface structures. In addition, interlocking permeable pavers may have spaces between the units that let even more moisture through to reduce the risk of slipping.

Walkways of various kinds can improve the look and value of a home or business property. At NRD Landscape Design Build, we can guide you during every step of the walkway creation process. Contact us today by phone at 952-212-2665 to begin your home beautification journey.

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