Front Entry Design

Are you looking for an amazing front entry design or front door idea to optimize your home’s curb appeal? NRD Landscape Design Build has myriad tips and tricks to share from experienced design and landscape architects in Minnetonka, MN—call us today to learn more.

Front Entry Design

What is the best way to enhance your home’s front entry design and add interest for passersby? At NRD Landscape Design Build, our professionals focus on how this area ties in with the overall style of the garden and property features. We also consider the fluidity with other landscaping elements, including water features, pergolas, walkways, and more.

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The Three Major Elements of Front Entry Design

If you already have a design in mind, you might be imagining exquisite entry doors. However, our team focuses on three crucial elements before settling on how to remodel front entries.

#1 Beautiful, Accessible Walkways

A lackluster walkway is a sure way to give a negative impression. Walkways should be easy to use and attractive, which is why this is the first priority in creating a front entry that’s eye-catching and blends seamlessly with the property’s style and flow.

Be sure to browse the extensive list of options with our talented landscaper in Minnetonka, MN. Now, you can lead your guests to patios, outdoor rooms, and entry points on gorgeous walkways of:

  • Paver
  • Porcelain
  • Flagstone
  • Natural stone

We even use permeable material, which allows water to pass through it and expands possibilities for the plants and shrubs that line the path. It is a great strategy for blending outdoor room furniture, gardens, pools, or other features.

#2 Convenient Parking

Homeowners easily overlook the need for a designated place to park, but it is an essential element of a well-planned front entry. The parking space must be easy to navigate and consistent with the property’s look and feel. Considerations also include how to delineate parking or drop-off spaces that complement the design.

There are various ways to incorporate materials into this area for unique effects and stunning combinations—find out more from our team of landscape designers in Minnetonka, MN.

#3 Memorable and Useful Front Doors

The third element is the front door itself. Unique doors enhance beautiful walkways and gardens. Make guests feel welcome, whether you go for a modern, sleek design or something classier, like an arbor or overhead structure.

Our team is also happy to suggest alternatives. For example, glass panels capitalize on natural light, and there are myriad ways to incorporate unique paint colors, materials, and textural elements.

Call NRD Landscape Design Build for a Creative Touch

In real estate, curb appeal refers to a potential buyer’s first impression, and it is a significant factor in a home’s value to various market players. However, even if listing the property is only an idea, there are countless other benefits of hiring professional residential landscaping services in Minnetonka, MN, and the surrounding areas. So, why wait?

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