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Retaining walls are vital to many home landscaping projects. A retaining wall is a structure that prevents soil from eroding or shifting while adding aesthetic appeal and value to your yard. At NRD Landscape Design, our landscapers in Minnetonka, MN, design and build retaining walls that fit your vision, budget, and property.

Types of Retaining Walls for Your Yard

Landscapers use retaining walls to stabilize soil and the ground that lies beneath it. Our skilled landscape architects in Edina, MN, use these structures mainly on sharply sloping land that is unstable and prone to weathering effects.

In addition to their practical benefits, you can also use sturdy and durable retaining walls to bring character and a personal touch to your property. They can add an attractive three-dimensional effect to landscaping projects. Plus, they can serve as staging areas for gardens and other horticultural projects as long as they properly drain.


A gravity retaining wall uses its mass and weight to stay in place. The most popular type we offer to our Minnesota clients are boulder retaining walls. When properly designed and constructed by our professional team, boulders and other kinds of retaining walls can give you functional access to land that would otherwise be inaccessible.

As their name suggests, boulder retaining walls are mainly formed from large rocks. Compared to walls made from artificial materials, they offer a more natural look that home and business owners prize. Because of their weight and component materials, well-constructed boulder-style retaining walls can last for many generations.

Natural Stone

Natural stone retaining walls are similar to boulder walls because both use raw construction materials. Boulder walls tend to use relatively unprocessed rocks, while natural stone retainers use slabs cut to size and shape. These retaining wall flagstones also come in various attractive colors to fit your yard’s color scheme.

Natural stone retaining walls tend to be long-lasting because of the durability of the rocks. While some kinds of natural walls use mortar or other substances to keep them in place, others use stone size, gravity, and clever designs as their main source of strength and stability.


Concrete retaining walls usually use heavy prefabricated forms to keep sloping land in place. Depending on your design goals, we can also make them as heavy paver-style stones of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Concrete retaining walls can be relatively inexpensive and durable compared to courses of blocks.


Steel retaining walls made from thin sheet piles are strong, resistant, and relatively light. Many homeowners choose to use steel with earth anchors fixed into place to prevent movement. Due to their low profiles, steel retaining walls are useful in many landscaping designs.

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Retaining Walls Can Be Beautiful

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