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Few outdoor structures can add as much value, beauty, and utility to homes as patios can. NRD Landscape Design Build patios come in various floorplans and construction types that provide outdoor living space for different purposes. Patios can be covered, uncovered, or a blend of the two design strategies.

Choosing the right patio flooring materials for your needs and personal style is one of the first steps in the designer patio creation process. When you work with the NRD Landscape Design Build team, we design, plan, and build patios, landscaping, and more according to your yard goals. Modern patio flooring materials include paver products made from natural stone, porcelain, and special permeable materials.

Which Patio Material Is Best for Your Yard?

Patios serve many purposes for the outside areas of your home. You can place grills and other culinary tools in the patio area to make creative outdoor kitchens. Or if relaxation is more your speed, consider installing a fireplace or hot tub for cool evenings.

Like retaining walls, you can locate patios in many outdoor areas, but beware of nearby trees when deciding where to build them. Roots from trees can grow under patios and lift the paved surfaces. Plus, overhanging branches and autumn leaf fall can cause damage or clutter.


Pavers are a popular material we use to form patio surfaces for our Minnesota clients. Pavers come in various materials, shapes, and sizes that you can choose for aesthetics and practical value.

You should always consider the features of your local environment when you select paver materials.

Natural stone

Natural stone patio pavers offer a more rustic, high-end look than artificial pavers like concrete. They are more expensive than synthetics but offer natural strength, durability, and weather resistance. We can form them into many shapes depending on your patio size.

Because of their durability, they can last for the life of the home.


Made from naturally sourced sedimentary and metamorphic rock, flagstone patio pavers are thin and wide and offer many unique benefits. You can select a custom size, shape, and color to create a unique patio that fits your yard’s aesthetic.



Producers make porcelain patios from a variety of processed clay materials baked in high temperatures. They can take on the look of different materials and include features that make them valuable for patio construction.

Porcelain can cost less than natural stone materials, and it’s resistant to impact and water damage, making it ideal for outdoor kitchens in Edina, MN.


Manufacturers make permeable patio surfaces from concrete or interlocking paver materials. They help with draining moisture, but you should use them in areas with low water tables to avoid damage. Permeable patios help to irrigate your land and can reduce your water bills.

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