If you want to redefine your outdoor space, a pergola is a perfect choice. Pergolas are outdoor frame structures made from wood or coated metal. You can use them as an outdoor dining area, lavish lounge with a hot tub, or a place to relax with your friends and family.

Pergolas bring beauty, style, and visual interest to your outdoor living space. However, creating the perfect pergola comes with complexity during installation that requires professionals to handle.

At NRD Landscape Design Build, we provide professional residential landscaping services. Our goal is to create landscapes and outdoor spaces that deserve admiration and enjoyment.

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Why Choose NRD Landscape Design Build

NRD Landscape Design Build offers a wide range of landscaping services ranging from pergolas, front entry designs, outdoor kitchens, and patios. Our primary guides are design and project management principles.

We have built strong relationships with our installers, enabling us to create designs that our customers love. Our team of professional installers will give you perfect craftsmanship that fits your project’s particular needs.

We are committed to providing the best experiences to help you enjoy your outdoor space.

Features of NRD Landscape + Build Design and Installation Services

Installing a pergola in your home is much work since you must consider questions such as space functionality, plants, vegetation, and materials to use. NRD Landscape Design Build protects you from the hassle of making such decisions by guiding you through the entire process.

You have nearly limitless options for creating and designing outdoor spaces. As a result, we take you through the many versions of how you can incorporate your pergola into your home. We also consider your style of shade and comfort, lighting, and the kinds of plants you want.

We understand that settling on a design helps you decide on the material. The beauty of the wood used for pergolas must be timeless and traditional. You can also use fiberglass, vinyl, and metal materials to create unique designs if you are interested in a modern look.

Our Edina landscapers know what materials work best for specific designs. We stay up to date on all building and area codes thanks to our decades of experience in the landscaping industry.

Why Choose Our Pergola Services

Getting your outdoor dream look can remain a dream without the help of professional landscape architects. Here is why NRD Landscape Design Build is your best choice for your pergola design and installation:

  • We have years of experience offering landscaping services in Minnetonka, MN. We know what works for this area and what does not.
  • Our pergola kits offer unique pergola designs, and with professional installation, our services last for years.
  • We take care of the area and building codes, making the process easy for you.

At NRD Landscape + Build, we walk with you on your backyard discovery journey and help bring your landscaping vision to reality. If you are interested in learning more about pergolas, contact NRD Landscape Design Build today at (952) 212-2665.

Add A Touch of Class with A Custom Pergola

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When you need a top-rated landscape designer in Minnetonka, MN, contact NRD Landscape Design Build. We look forward to working with you to realize your vision of a personal outdoor paradise.

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