Are you ready to find out how beautiful plantings and landscaping can transform an entire backyard design in Minnetonka, MN, or the surrounding areas? Call NRD Landscape Design Build today and let us create the destination you have always imagined having right on your doorstep.

Can plantings really make a difference in the way a property looks? Absolutely. Luscious and beautiful plants, trees, shrubs, and blooms can transform any outdoor area into one that everyone can enjoy.

Knowing which elements to implement is daunting and building and maintaining a colorful garden landscape depends on choosing the right combination of plants, trees, shrubs, and design aids. A professional service like NRD Landscape Design Build has everything you need, including full access to an experienced landscaper in Minnetonka, MN, Edina, MN, and Plymouth, MN.

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NRD Landscape Design Build’s Landscape Design—Minnetonka, MN

Our comprehensive landscape design includes careful planning and potting for each plant on the property. Working with us ensures access to a wide selection of greenery and groundcover from licensed and qualified landscape contractors in Minnetonka, MN.

Which plant life speaks to your imagination and style? a team will typically make recommendations based upon:

  • Your ideal plant or shrub selection
  • Your property’s natural ecosystem (our plantings use the microclimate to perfectly place the plants according to sun, shade, soil type, and water needs)
  • Your location’s seasonal fluctuations

Let our experts help you choose between plant life that thrives either seasonally or year-round. We have a magnificent selection of plants, trees, and shrubs to enhance any type of landscape or garden design in Minnetonka, MN, including drought-tolerant choices.

The Benefits of A Plant Professional

There are countless benefits of using our professional planting services, particularly for properties that cover many square feet. Why not let our garden experts do the hard work of setting it all up?

The benefits of using NRD Landscape Design + Build include:

  • Our customers include those who don’t have the time, energy, or expertise to tackle landscaping from scratch.
  • Our professionals make the most of the property’s features and optimize space.
  • Plantings from our professional service significantly enhance a property’s visual appeal. It may even add value to the property if you are trying to put it on the market.
  • Our landscapers share tips on how to maintain the new plants, trees, and shrubs for an amazing garden year in and year out.
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landscape design

Partnering with NRD Landscape Design + Build ensures affordable options for commercial or residential design in Minnetonka, MN. Our commitment to excellence includes many years of experience, and customers appreciate the value we offer in customized packages.

Call the NRD Landscape Design + Build Experts Today

The exceptional service from NRD Landscape Design Build starts with an initial consultation for a general idea of how you want to transform your home. The project will continue after you confirm your needs, style, and budget, and we communicate with you on every step to ensure our work is meeting your expectations.

Call NRD Landscape Design + Build at 952.212.2665 today for plantings, design services, and more ways to make your property a beautiful place to be.

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When you need a top-rated landscape designer in Minnetonka, MN, contact NRD Landscape Design Build. We look forward to working with you to realize your vision of a personal outdoor paradise.

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