Landscaping Shorewood

As homeowners, we put a lot of thought into styling the interior of our homes because we know it says a lot about us. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the time or knowledge to extend that care to the exterior of our home.

For the best landscape design, see our customer reviews for landscaping in Shorewood and call (952) 212-2665 to get a free estimate.

Award-Winning Designs

Our technicians bring your landscape ideas to life. We offer diverse design options and maintain an extensive inventory of landscape supplies. We make your lawn stand out like no other in your neighborhood.

Garden Designs

We create personalized garden designs. From a stylish entryway to seasonal decorating, we beautify your entire property. We design for 100% customer satisfaction, aiming to get it right the first time.

Our garden designs include fresh planters, water features, and garden lighting. We enhance the garden and yard with a backdrop of natural trees and stone features.

Outdoor Living Space Designs

At NRD Landscape Design Build, we do more than just improve aesthetics. We make your spaces equally inviting and functional, allowing you to get full use out of your valuable property investment.

We create defined walkways, patio features, and decks and patios that allow you to gather together year-round. We design outdoor kitchens, grilling areas, fire pits, and natural seating features.

Landscape Support Features

NRD Landscape Design Build considers different ground levels throughout your yard. When ground levels vary, they can create unsafe areas. We construct retaining walls and stairs to bring them together.

If your yard extends to a waterway, we include restoration and designs to enhance shorelines and bluffs. We create harmony in your yard, edge to edge.

Sustainably Green Lawn Care

Green is more than just a color, even in lawn care. At NRD Landscape Design & Build, we use ecofriendly techniques to protect the land your home and family rely on every day. Our skilled landscapers are capable of significant transformations to your home’s exterior living spaces using natural and sustainable materials.

We believe in designing utilizing safe and clean methods. We train in the newest eco-friendly skills and techniques, using plants and materials native to the landscape in Shorewood and surrounding areas in Minnesota.

Get the Best from NRD Landscape Design Build

We are a family-owned, professional, customizable landscape service that values communication and transparency to meet your specifications, handling everything from planning to permitting.

NRD Landscape Design Build provides full-service landscaping in Shorewood. For a complete list of our services, contact us today at (952) 212-2665 or check out the reviews of our satisfied customers.

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