Creating a beautiful landscape for your property can seem overwhelming. All the small details must come together seamlessly to bring your dreams to fruition in a lasting and timeless design. As one of the leading landscape architecture and design-build companies in the twin cities, we pride ourselves on making those dreams come true. Here are some of the questions we hear most about our landscaping services.

Hardscape design elements, such as paver patios, pools, outdoor kitchens, and fireplaces, will be fixed and unchanging over the years. Softscape design elements are fluid and change as they mature. Landscapers can bring a balance between softscape and hardscape elements to create unique, eye-catching landscaped areas.
There are a variety of landscaping designs popular with homeowners. Wildlife gardens, and edible gardens are popular. Natural immersive gardens and low-carbon landscaping options are the most popular landscaping trends. Fire features, outdoor kitchens, pools, and patio gardens are at the top of homeowners’ design preferences.
You may not be surprised that a beautiful landscape attracts the human eye. Professional landscaping is often requested because it improves curb appeal. Implementing a beautiful landscape design can increase the resale value of a home, depending on the elements included in the project. Some experts estimate it increases a home’s value by about 15 percent.

Creating a landscaping design that is functional and beautiful requires incorporating a balance of design elements. Plants are chosen wisely; boundaries are well-defined by privacy elements and other features. Landscape designs include using a variety of elements to create function and beauty.

Working with a professional and experienced landscape architecture company ensures a result that meets your needs and provides lasting enjoyment. What does it take to make a yard functional as well as beautiful?

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