Outdoor Fire Features

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outdoor fire features

Outdoor fire pits can boost your enjoyment of the great outdoors and provide an alternative place to cook and gather. Our expert landscape architects at NRD Landscape Design Build can serve as your guides to outdoor fire features. We provide invaluable help when it comes to planning and implementing your personal fire pit goals.

Basic Kinds of Fire Pits

Manufacturers make fire pits from a variety of fireproof materials that include:

  • Brick
  • Metal
  • Concrete
  • Natural rock

They are also made from waterproof or resistant materials to prevent damage and promote safety. Our landscape architects in Edina, MN, can show you how to use materials similar in type to walkways and patios to promote a sense of continuity and improve overall yard design.

Raised Pits

Our above-ground fire pit designs come in many shapes, styles, materials, and fuel sources. They may have inner linings in some cases. Our raised pits can offer aesthetic value due to higher visibility, and they include self-contained outdoor fireplaces.

Sunken Pits

Placed in excavated holes in the ground, sunken pits may be more labor-intensive to install. Our sunken pit installations offer good fire visibility due to their locations. We can build your sunken pit to use a variety of fuel sources, including wood or gas.

Outdoor Fireplaces

In addition to installing raised and sunken fire pits, we also provide outdoor fireplaces, fire bowls, and fire tables. These clever additions to your outdoor home environment work well with many of our patio designs. By placing outdoor fireplaces on fireproof patios, we ensure safety and usability.

Our outdoor fireplaces include many of the same features that indoor fireplaces have. This means that they have fireboxes where you can put the firewood of your choice. They also have flues and smoke chambers.

Many of our outdoor fireplaces also have smoke shelves. These parts prevent smoke from backing up and also keep rainwater from getting into the firebox.

Fire Pit Fuel Types


What makes natural gas such a popular fuel source? It is clean burning and usually easy to install if gas lines exist in your neighborhood. Overall, gas can be a very safe and low-maintenance fuel option for your outdoor space.


These fire pits use wood as their main power source. Wood can be a renewable resource and may be cheaper than other fuel options. A wide variety of wood species are available, and they offer a natural flame that is aesthetically pleasing and prized for cooking.

Building Safe Outdoor Fire Features in Minnesota

When it comes to outdoor fire features, location is a key consideration for safety, aesthetic, and utilitarian reasons. Possible safety concerns include the proximity of the fire pit to homes, dining tables, and other flammable structures. Our expert plans place the fire pit far enough from these areas to prevent accidents.

Fire pits add an extra dimension to your overall outdoor layout. At NRD Landscape Design Build, we can implement the outdoor fire features of your choice. Call us now at 952-212-2665 for a free consultation about all of your outdoor landscaping needs.

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